Synesthesia #1

April 2, 2018

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Synesthesia #1 can be watched as a normal video, or it can be experienced in a VR headset. This one just above is the "normal" video. If instead you'd like to try it in VR, follow this link to the VR video on Youtube. From there you can bookmark it and then reach it using the Youtube VR app on your headset of choice! In the 360 3D video, you will see the visualization unfold all around you.

What does music "look" like?

Synesthesia #1 is the first video of this kind I tried to make. It tries to visualize Drum and Bass music, which in my mind always felt like an endless flow of particles, explosions, vibrating shapes crashing into waves of energy.

It was interesting to discover how pure imagination would come to terms with the constraints of a "real" three-dimensional space. I always imagined the bass to be coming from deep below, and being somewhat all-enveloping; and yet here we have the waves of the kick already occupying that space: where will the bass end up appearing? Pinched between theatrical and technical constraints, the final result deviates quite a bit from the synesthetic visions I've been having of Drum and Bass. And yet it is so much more detailed, it made me realize how my brain always focused on specific "parts" and sounds, without having to worry on how those fit in the whole.

I've been asked before "what does the anthropomorphic piano represent"? It's difficult to express, as it represents a collection of emotions. This is what I love about "bedroom productions": it's just you, and the clay, and your very own visceral feelings. This being the first video I made out of and about music itself, I wanted there to be a representation of my relationship with that art form.

For the technicalities involved in the creation of this video, I'll defer to posts I'll be writing in the blog.

Check out the SynestheticWorks Soundcloud where you can find the original soundtrack, or the Instagram and Facebook pages where you can find additional artwork, and perhaps more synesthesias.

- C