About Synwrks

July 8th, 2023

I'm a digital artist, DJ, and music producer dedicated to bringing the experience of "synesthesia" to the dance floor and beyond. I'm based in San Francisco (California).

I have been experimenting with electronic music production for as long as I can remember, and my experiences with DJing go back to many years ago, when I was a high school student in Italy (my country of origin).

It is more recently however (about 2016) that I embarked in the Synesthetic Works project, combining my passion for music with my love for visual arts and technology, with the aim to represent the experience of synesthesia. This later got abbreviated into my art name "Synwrks", as I began to perform live VJ and DJ sets at various events in the Bay Area.

My works include original music, VR music videos, looping visuals and "synesthetic" DJ sets (hours-long DJ sets that are fully visualized to precisely match the beats and feeling of each track). I create through abundant use of software prototypes and procedural techniques, mostly involving 3D animation but lately also including dashes of generative AI.

I am a resident DJ and VJ at the psytrance-focused monthly Secret Psychedelica parties held in DNA Lounge, an iconic San Francisco venue. Additionally, you can find me streaming every week on Twitch raid trains like the Joyride Express (as resident) or PsyLife, OMFG!, Fundamental, Momentum and others. I also perform at other events as the occasions present themselves, ranging from lovely gatherings in the nature like Bare Burn to bigger city parties like How Weird Street Faire.

If you'd like to see me perform in a venue or event near you, check out the Bookings page for more information!